Akkordeon Blue

CD Akkordeon Blue

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1.  Gershwin Classics
     Strike up the Band, Summertime,
     Rhapsody in Blue (Porgy & Bess)
2.  Brazil
     Aquarela do Brasil
3.  Gabriels Oboe
     Motion Picture - The Mission -
4.  Caribbean Fantasy
5.  Sway
6.  Irish Dream
7.  Plaisir d'Amour
8.  The Sound of Music
     My favourite Things, The Sound of Music Do-Re-Mi,
     Edelweiss, Climb ev´ry Mountain
9.  Blue Night
10. We are the Champions
11. Carpenters Forever
      Goodbye to Love, Top of the World,
      Yesterday once more, Sing
12. One Moment in Time
13. A Klezmer Karnival
      Choson kale mazeltov, Freylekh, Sherele
14. My Way
      Comme d’habitude


  • Hans-C. Petersen
  • Sebastian Schmidt
  • Cordula Fohl
  • Sabine Kölz
  • Hans-Günther Kölz